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  • Use an agenda to keep track of every assignment's due date.

  • Do your homework in a well-lit area. Why make an assignment harder for yourself?

  • Get lots of sleep - at least 8 hours - to make sure you're refreshed for the next day's tests.

  • Studying in the same location every night may improve your organization.

  • Find a quiet place to study - ask others to turn down the music and television.

  • Ask your parents, friends, and teachers for any help you need.

  • Make sure your feel comfortable with the room temperature you are studying in.

  • Sit on a comfortable chair when studying.

  • Starting homework at the same time everyday may improve your organization.

  • Keep materials like paper, pens, pencils, rulers, and calculators nearby.

  • Finish your homework as early as possible to relieve stress.

  • Take short, five-minute breaks to relax your brain.

  • It may help to complete homework of your least favorite subject first.

  • Use a drawer or filer to store old assignments.

  • Get to class on time! You do not want to miss any information!

  • Be sure to take pens, pencils, notebooks, and necessary textbooks with you to each class.

  • Finish your homework on time. This builds a great reputation with your teachers.

  • When other students ask questions, pay attention.

  • Feel free to ask your teacher questions before, during, and after class. That's what your teacher is there for!

  • As hard as it may be, do not distract yourself or other students.

  • Nudge your teacher for hints on what will be on tomorrow's tests/quizzes.

  • If you need serious help, do not be afraid to receive assistance before/after school.

  • Writing in pen will sustain the readability of your compositions.

  • Never throw away old notes from this year's classes. You might need these notes for another class that contains the same subject Teacherer.

  • Never throw away old notes from this year's classes. You will probably need these notes for final exams or for next year.

  • Always study in a well-lighted area where there are no distractions.

  • Don't study on an empty tummy.

  • Eat "unmessy" snacks, i.e. left-over tater-tots from supper.